Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rustic Retreat start

This is a fun, easy stitch! 28 count natural linen - lovely natural colours, it is a pleasure!

Carolyn asked me a question - Thanks for reading and posting comments - love it! Makhi is from Landmark Charts. I couldn't find a website for them specifically but I did find a link to their tapesta pillow collection which I'm stitching from.

There are 12 designs in this collection and I will be stitching 10 of them. I'll frame them instead of making them into pillows. I posted a photo of one that I've completed here - Kazakh.

Here's what Makhi will look like once finished.

Makhi Tapesta Pillow Chart by Landmark Designs

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  1. Love the design and you made a great start. What a great idea to frame them, that is going to be a wonderful display.