Saturday, January 23, 2010

New hooligan in the 'hood and Makhi again

I can see the finish line on this behemoth. I estimate another month for completion - barring any distractions like......

like this!!! This is our newest hooligan - Ginger. She is 8 weeks old, mostly shepherd with a little lab thrown in for good luck. I am smitten, and Madi - our most senior hooligan of the canine kind has taken to her like peanut butter in a kong. She needs to stop pooping on my floor though - it's really kinda gross. Any tips for house training? Madi was pretty easy - this one, we walked outside for an hour and then she came inside and pooped all over the floor. Discouraging, no? Good thing she's cute.

Good evening,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Trust Your Instincts

There has been a man hanging around the school yard at drop off time that I always just assumed was a grand parent since I only ever saw him at drop off time in the morning. Something was bugging me, but I always brushed it off. On Monday, that feeling got a little stronger and I mentioned this man to my daughter and described him carefully. On Wednesday I saw him again with his cute little dog and knew for sure that I had to go and say something even if I was wrong - it didn't matter. What was wrong? I have never, ever seen this man with a child. When I started thinking about it - I knew that I met him on the sidewalk at least two years ago because hooligan #2 wasn't around and I wasn't pregnant. I remember the meeting because he had the sweetest little white dog I've ever seen. Seriously - I'm a big dog person, little dogs not so much. This was a lovely little dog and I commented on it - never thought about it again until everything else started bothering me. I tallied up all the times I had seen him.... nope - never any kids with him. Now alarm bells are ringing wildly...... In two years he has gone from just walking on the sidewalk to now walking his little dog almost right up to the school doors and I think this all started because I noticed he had a routine and that routine seemed to becoming more and more frequent. This morning we confirmed that he was driving his car to the school, waiting until the children were a beehive of activity arriving at the school and then he got out of his van with his little dog and slowly walked up and down the school side walk. When the children were all inside - he got back in his van and left.

Long story short - the police have his address, he has no record - but he will be banned from school property and police will be called if he is ever seen on school property again.

If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Makhi again

I think that because I can see the end in sight for Makhi and I find it so easy to work on, I keep returning to stitch on it every night as my relaxation time. Having so many projects on the go is definitely a good problem to have but I need to start finishing a few more things instead of always starting new ones. So this year, I will attempt to cut down on the number of new starts. Makhi is so close to being finished - it's pretty exciting!

Have a good morning,

Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I have a problem...

See this? This is a problem and does not include a few things such as knitting projects (I can count 6 of these off the top of my head) tapestry projects (2 of those) baby quilt (1 of those) and at least 3 other stitched WIPS that I didn't feel like searching for.

We have Of Female Arts, and a Blue Ribbon freebie ornament:

Cirque des Circles:

LHN's 'Hood:
Spanish Rouge:
PS's ABC along (not coming along..... though I LOVE IT!) and good old faithful Makhi:

How Does Your Garden Grow (obvs pretty damn slow...):

Rustic Retreat:

LHN's Coffee Shop:

A Just Nan stocking that I have nearly completed (ummm 4 years ago - I think the prospect of actually turning this into a bonafide stocking has me shaking in my boots):

And, because I am truly insane, a HAED "Big Bear Falls" that will be stunning, if I finish it before I die. I'm 35, non-smoker, a bit overweight, so I figure I've got at least 40-45 more good years in me. If my eyesight goes, I'm up shit creek. And if you've worked on a HAED, you know it's tough on the eyeballs.

Prairie School's "Winter" - I've already stitched and framed the other 3 seasons.

Finishing Holly and Berries has me hankering for a another finish, hence the pulling out of the UFO's, but damn! Well, enough blogging - back to stitching.

Good afternoon,

P.S: My favourite LNS has Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow waiting for me....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st Finish of 2010!

I finished the stitching for LHN's Holly and Berries on Friday night. Then on Saturday I finished it into a box ornament.

It was a satisfyingly quick stitch.

Back to reality tomorrow - school for Hooligan #1 and work for me. Blah humbug.

I've been reading again, feels like slipping on a favourite pair of old slippers - for those who follow Crazy Aunt Purl's website, I just finished reading her first book, "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" If you enjoy reading her blog, you'll lurve her book even more. Also just finished "Julie and Julia" - didn't enjoy quite as much, great premise though and I did enjoy the foodie bits. Two different L.Hill's (Book of Negroes - awesome book) are on the pile to be read next as well as M.J Fox's newest - yay for Canadians!

Good night all,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's

So begins a new year - fresh starts and new resolve. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I have been stitching a lot - mostly on Makhi - I had a ton to rip out due to a mistake. I was not happy about that. I had thought that I would leave it in a closet somewhere, but actually, just kept working away at it.
I hope to finish up LHN's Holly and Berries tonight:

Santa was very good to me this year - lots of new stash and a new pair of Gingher scissors (my very first pair!) Plans tonight include lots of stitching and a movie, though not sure yet which one.