Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Stewey......

Since Stella's been getting so much attention I thought it only fair to give Madi an introduction to the blog. Her given name is Madeira and she enjoys long walks and even longer naps. Stewey - Madi hopes that you are feeling better after your visit to the v-e-t, and is glad that it was you and not she that was there.

We love our girl dearly which is the only explanation for why we put up with four months out of every year - a shedding of fur that sorely test the limits of our vacuum.

Stitchy progress on Makhi:

Good night all!


  1. Hi Madi!
    (And may I just say...hubba hubba!)
    I'm a Taurus and like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. I know how to treat a special la-dee and would love to meet you sometime.
    Call me, babe.

  2. Yes, we have an 8 month old golden retriever and who'd have thought while he was really getting his coat, he'd shed it all first! Your Makhi is beautiful!