Monday, January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse postie

See this? It's missing something. Specifically, one of the seasons.

So - this has been added to the WIPs-oca-pa-looza. (pardon the horrific pictures. if I wait to post until I have perfect pictures, I will never post)

Here's "One Long Panel" - I've chosen a purple colourway. Love it.

This is the Landmark design and please don't judge a project by its picture (which you can barely see.) This is a BLAST to stitch.

Ooooops - how did this stunningly cute, loving scene find its way in here?

Almost out of steam, "Coffee".

The Hooligan Afghan, please may I finish it before she hates the colours that she chose. That's all I ask.

OK dokey.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


WIP list since I see that I need to post an update on the 9th.......... This is just a starter list. Why wouldn't it be?? My goal is to finish these four projects and continue working on others.

1. Hooligan #1's garter stitch afghan - to fit a double bed - probably about 1/4 finished. I would really like to finish this for her this year.

2. Landmark design - I've finished 4 of these huge suckers so far and I would like to finish a fifth as this is the number that I need for my staircase. As I wanted the framing to match I'll then take out a second mortgage and have them framed. (Each one is about 39,000 stitches and I adore them....)

3. Laura J. Perin - "One Long Panel" - this is 1/4 finished.

4. Allesandra Adelaide - "Coffee" - stitching this on 28 count over one and I'm about half way done the steam.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hi - been a while, no?

I was looking at some of the things I stitched last year and was sad that I hadn't posted about them on here as I can't remember some of the details. Getting old, I guess.

So - with that in mind and knowing that if I just make the effort to post I'll appreciate it in a years' time, I've signed up for the WIPocalypse to encourage myself to post.

Details here. I need to work on my list and will try to post tomorrow.

The biggest news is that we have a new furry friend. We had to put Ginger down last summer - it's a long, sad story and not really one I want to share but the house was really empty without a dog for the first time in 15 years. So - we've adopted Daria. She's 5, and so, so lovely. Gentle, loving and quiet - a perfect companion dog. So much so that when the littlest hooligan starts JK in the fall, I may look into what it would take to start working her as a therapy dog. She would love it as her favourite thing in the whole wide world is cuddling.