Friday, June 18, 2010

Stitchy weekend

Half of my family is away this weekend - leaving me with one small, easy to care for little boy. :-)

So, some serious stitching has already been under way. I had some good stitching friends over last night and we chatted and stitched until 11:30 - I am so lucky to have found women who share this love of stitching. We try to meet every Wednesday during the littlest hooligans' nap time and sometimes we are lucky enough to sneak in an extra bit of time during the week as well.

I have made a serious start on my 3rd enormous Landmark design, "Shushi". Here is the top left corner. I have completed the black row at across the entire top of the design and am really enjoying this project. Tonight I hope to get a large chunk of that right corner filled in.

I have so many BAP's on the scroll rods right now that I really, really needed a quick and satisfying project that I could actually finish. This Mill Hill Bead kit - "Noel" christmas ornament is perfect!! I like working on the perforated paper and it is such a cute little design that it is hard to put down. I started it on Wednesday night and hope to finish it up this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pattern to give away - LHN's Holly and Berries

I meant to post this ages ago. If there is anyone reading who would like my used copy of LHN's Holly and Berries design leave me a comment and I'll pull a name out of a hat. It is such a cute pattern and I really, really like the box ornament way that I finished it. I may even still have a copy of those directions kicking around. (No promises on that though LOL, not with my organizational skillz.........) I'll wait a week before choosing someone. so...... that would be next Tuesday, June 8th.