Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday is thirsty.......

for Coffee!

This is an UFO from 2 years ago. It's LHN "Coffee Shoppe". This picture was taken on Monday and since then I've stitched most of the bottom half of this design.

I gave a lot of thought this week as to why I am such a slacker on the updates. I can not stand having to take the pictures, load the pictures, choose the pictures, insert the pictures....... I'm lazy I guess. Several times I wanted to write here to tell you about my latest finish - Keslyn's "Bliss Content", but put off posting. I finished it - it's gorgeous, but you can't see it because I'm too lazy to go and follow through the picture taking hoo-ha. The photo above was only snapped since I had my iPhone in bed while I was stitching (any other bed stitchers out there?I adore listening to audiobooks in jammies with my blankie and pillows ) so I took a quick picture. I think this is key. It's quick, and I'm always syncing the phone so the pictures are all right there. They're crap, but better than nothing, no? So - let's see this week if I can get into the habit of snapping more phone pictures. Also - that Noel ornament? Imagine a finished picture right......


It's also finished and very cute.

How about a picture of my cat? He's cute too.

See? Since we put the dog's crate in the kitchen, our cat has lost weight. He hates the dog and refuses to go anywhere near him. Therefore he's not begging 4 different people for food in the kitchen anymore. It's awesome - he doesn't look like a blanket roll anymore - just a regular cat with a floppy belly. We match.


Friday, August 6, 2010


"No way! You're posting on your blog???? Get out!!!!!!"

That must mean you've been doing some of this:

Trying to survive this.........:

Madi (on the right) is 13 now, practically blind and deaf (though that might be largely selective, she figures she's old now she can do whatever the hell she wants) Ginger, the baby is now 8 months old and is just as destructive as ever, hence the crate. I look forward to getting past that stage....she has yet to grow into her ears LOL)

And drinking a metric tonne of this: (too much of this can make you redundant...snicker...)

In all seriousness - I would like to keep up with this here blog on a more frequent basis but I always seem to let so much time lapse in between posts. Any really good tricks from people who find it easy to post a few times a week?

Also - a shout-out to a very special friend in Portugal who will probably fall over in shock when she sees that I've updated my blog. We miss you here "V" - looking forward to our Wednesdays again soon.