Thursday, August 27, 2009

How many points are in this post??

Thanks for the comments - I'm in good company :)

I low carbed for so many years that going back to WW seems a bit foreign. I really believe in low carbing when it's done correctly - focusing on veg, protein and healthy oils (and then more veg!) but I just couldn't stick with it - and when I eat a slab of cake with my steak and salad that's not going to get me very far now, is it? So - instead of eating myself into the ground, I'm going back to accountability. 3 pounds down, 60 to go. I don't do the 100 cal packs - I'd simply eat the whole box. What I wouldn't give to just be normal around food - why does it have to be my focus? I could certainly live off the land for a while, so to speak.

So - I should have a simple project that's easy to pull out and work instead of grazing the refrigerator. It's so stupid, do I think that somethings going to magically appear in there that wasn't there 1/2 hour ago? I should stitch a little piggy and stick it to the fridge. Forget the fridge, just staple it to my butt.........


  1. I am a former low carber, also. Did it for years and then got tired of it. Am going back to a semi-version. Don't be discouraged; just give yourself time. I'm with you - I need to get my weight off, too. Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your WW journey! I've done that before and been successful, however....lately when I try and count points, I just find myself obsessing over food all day! Thinking about points, thinking about what to eat, what I shouldn't makes me crazy!