Thursday, March 3, 2011

Send advil please

So - I've signed up my daughter for oboe lessons. There's a joke in there, surely.

As all Canadians know - Tim Hortons is running the annual "Roll up the rim" contest. Is it just me or have they loaded up those cups with coffee and muffin winners? I've won 3 coffees already and I hadn't won anything in the previous 5 years. Smart business really - I've NEVER seen such busy line ups at the drive thru. Anyone see the Rick Mercer episode where he asked George Bush how he felt about Prime Minister Tim Horton? Hilarious. From a special show called "Talking To Americans". I've never laughed so hard. No offence to my US friends.... :-) Just good clean fun. He actually got Mike Huckabee to congratulate Canada on our new "National Igloo"

Click here to watch

Progress continues on the Landmark design - one of these days I might actually take a decent picture of it. I've also started back up on DH's sweater. I've finished the back so now it just needs another sleeve and the front. I'm working on it in secret since it annoys him to no end that I continue to work on everything else but his sweater...... Passive aggressive is my middle name.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I truly can not stop thinking about Lisa Roswell and her untimely death.

I think I will pull out my "With my Needle" design and work on it tonight.

I may lurk on your blogs, not posting all of the time on what you write or stitch - but you all have become my community and I actually feel like I lost a member of my extended family yesterday even though she never knew me.

I've also just read that Judy Harper passed away a few days ago.
Ladies - to you I raise my needle.