Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fobs and lobs......

Here's the fobs I won from Laura 
too cute!
Updated Makhi photo:

And now - the Strumpet comes out - I can not remain faithful, lo though I try.... see this?

A week ago it looked like this:

I was using a thread that I hated. My local LNS owner (who now knows me pretty well...) knew that I had put this away and correctly guessed that I had put it away simply because I hated the thread so much - she suggested an alternative and now $50 later (gulp) I have hand painted silk that I am over the moon about (that's it in the before photo - it's like a really wonderful 13 year old cheddar next to Velveeta - no offense to those who like that product..... well, on second hand - dudes take offense, that stuff is nasty.

As of today, both hooligans are home for the summer. The littlest hooligan had his first hair cut, and promptly fell over giving himself a black eye which enhanced the hooligan factor.

As for the lobs - well, it is Wimbledon week after all......... Stay cool!

1 comment:

  1. Love Laura's fobs! She does good work:)

    Your wips are amazing!! and wow! loving the silks:)

    Looks like your little hooligans may be future rock stars!!