Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swallows and knitting - random ramblings

So, there are swallows building a nest on our porch. Everyone thinks I'm crazy to allow them to stay - that they'll dive bomb us to protect their eggs, that the mess will be horrendous etc...... I am just getting so much pleasure from them being there though that I can't imagine destroying what they've worked so hard to build. What you see below took 2 days to build - now it's 5 days later and the nest is about 4 times higher and both birds seem to be involved in the process. I'll post another pic tomorrow. We'll just have to enter the house through the garage until they're done. I love to see them swoop in under the roof.

Next up is a photo of DH's 3 year sweater - what you see is a finished arm and the back that is 3 inches from completion.........

Cat. Am I crazy or do all stitchers love pets? I think we're wired that way. This is Oscar - king of the castle. He is the laziest cat ever - he's also about 25 pounds........ When he sits, he looks like a giant hershey kiss from behind.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. How fun watching the birdies:) and I think most stitchers do have pets! We used to have a cat that was a lot bigger than Oscar and he looked like a fluffy rug when he was laying. DH kept the weekend feeder out all the time because he traveled a lot. (before we lived together)
    Your sweater is looking great! Wish I could knit:)