Sunday, May 24, 2009

Makhi mine a double......

Happy Sunday! I hope your weather has been as great as mine and that my American friends enjoyed their Memorial Day holiday. Makhi is ticking along - I've finished the red motive which is one of 4 identical motives and really have trouble putting it down..

This is my 13 month old son and this is how he sleeps every day. Every day I tuck him in, he snuggles down under the covers and sighs with contentment. I leave, and he rearranges himself every single time without fail. He is sound asleep here:

Be still my heart.


  1. How sweet, I remember my youngest DD also sleeping like this. Treasure it :)

  2. precious! If I tried to sleep like that I'd have neck, back and leg!

    Great progress on Makhi:)