Friday, May 29, 2009

Hurray for Friday!

Oh, weekend - how I've missed you. My DH will be home for a few nights so we all look forward to spending time with him. It was a crazy weather day here yesterday - massive thunderstorms all day - I think we're in for the same today.

Because there is no sunshine and she is up in a dark corner - it is almost impossible to get a clear picture of the swallow through my window. This one was the best of the (bad) lot and you can just make out how tall she has built her nest. She is sitting on it now and her mate is never far away.

Today is Friday so it's time for a little work on LHN's Neighbourhood - my goal is to finish this mid- June. When I actually put the time into it, it is a very quick stitch compared to some of my other big projects.

Let me out mum!

Enjoy your weekend!

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