Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I have a problem...

See this? This is a problem and does not include a few things such as knitting projects (I can count 6 of these off the top of my head) tapestry projects (2 of those) baby quilt (1 of those) and at least 3 other stitched WIPS that I didn't feel like searching for.

We have Of Female Arts, and a Blue Ribbon freebie ornament:

Cirque des Circles:

LHN's 'Hood:
Spanish Rouge:
PS's ABC along (not coming along..... though I LOVE IT!) and good old faithful Makhi:

How Does Your Garden Grow (obvs pretty damn slow...):

Rustic Retreat:

LHN's Coffee Shop:

A Just Nan stocking that I have nearly completed (ummm 4 years ago - I think the prospect of actually turning this into a bonafide stocking has me shaking in my boots):

And, because I am truly insane, a HAED "Big Bear Falls" that will be stunning, if I finish it before I die. I'm 35, non-smoker, a bit overweight, so I figure I've got at least 40-45 more good years in me. If my eyesight goes, I'm up shit creek. And if you've worked on a HAED, you know it's tough on the eyeballs.

Prairie School's "Winter" - I've already stitched and framed the other 3 seasons.

Finishing Holly and Berries has me hankering for a another finish, hence the pulling out of the UFO's, but damn! Well, enough blogging - back to stitching.

Good afternoon,

P.S: My favourite LNS has Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow waiting for me....


  1. It's a common problem... and as far as problems go, not such a bad one. You have a lot to choose from and need never be idle.

  2. Good problem to have in my book! :)

  3. Hahahaha you makes me laugh, a very common problem, one consolation ..... You're not alone with the problem:)