Monday, September 28, 2009

Yellow Blanket

What a week it's been. I had been feeling really out of sorts about all of the projects under way and NOTHING being finish finished. I started my Christmas knitting (more on that later) but needed a cable from another project that had been on the needles for awhile. When I was pregnant with my son I began a blanket for him - sunshine yellow, soft, squishy superwash wool. It was a lace pattern, and I learned a valuable lesson about dye lots (always order extra...) and gauge - mine was off - but it was a blanket right? Who cared about gauge? Well, I worked away for a good 10 months on that sucker - it grew heavy on my big belly, and heavier on my post partum flab and lap. I was so disappointed with it (dye lot differences - I had tried striping it, gauge - it would be HUGE when done - and I have to finish it - you know - even if its wrong) Then I hated it. I couldn't work on it anymore. So, I abandoned it, and I decided that I would rip it out and use the wool to make something else. I couldn't deal with it, so I left it behind a few piles of stuff and tried to forget about it. Then, last weekend I really needed the cable needle that was buried under the stitches of that blanket. You should know at this point that my son's favourite thing in the whole world is his blue knit blanket that my SIL made - he can not sleep without it. He digs knit stuff. I worked so hard on that damn thing that even if it wasn't right - he would like it - and that was the whole point. I didn't even look to see if I was at a completed pattern repeat - I simply cast that sucker off, wove in the ends and presented it to him.

I think he approved. I now think that it's the greatest thing I've ever made.

I also showed Makhi some love.

Then I cleaned out a stash drawer. This is something I stitched last year for my little guy's room. If you'd like the pattern - I'd be happy to pass it on to you - please leave me a comment. It's LHN "Counting House".

Now, onto the Christmas knitting. I decided to make my kids matching sweaters (just the pattern, not the colours) because I've always wanted to - KWIM? I'm using Wendy Bernard's "Drive-Thru" pattern. Dudes - this is a great pattern. Easy even, and I'm a very basic knitter. So, I've already knit the body of the babe's sweater (in the round, bottom up) and now I'm on to the first sleeve. Here's where I have to give myself props. I taught myself the magic loop method of knitting (with the book - awesome instructions...) Wanna know what's so magic? It's one long circular needle, and I'm knitting a tube that won't need to be seamed!!!

So, thank you and good night.


  1. That's so sweet about the blanket - adorable picture! Love the knitting and stitching, too! Hope you're feeling back to normal, soon. :)

  2. Aren't kids great? So appreciative. :) Makhi is stunning. I'm not a knitter (I've gotta learn) but I think it would be heaven to have a seamless sleeve on a sweater. They always seem to fall where I want to rest my elbow. Ouch!

    I would love to be considered for the Counting House pattern. It's one that I fell in love with when I saw it, but it's somehow never made it into my shopping cart. Thank you.