Saturday, January 7, 2012


WIP list since I see that I need to post an update on the 9th.......... This is just a starter list. Why wouldn't it be?? My goal is to finish these four projects and continue working on others.

1. Hooligan #1's garter stitch afghan - to fit a double bed - probably about 1/4 finished. I would really like to finish this for her this year.

2. Landmark design - I've finished 4 of these huge suckers so far and I would like to finish a fifth as this is the number that I need for my staircase. As I wanted the framing to match I'll then take out a second mortgage and have them framed. (Each one is about 39,000 stitches and I adore them....)

3. Laura J. Perin - "One Long Panel" - this is 1/4 finished.

4. Allesandra Adelaide - "Coffee" - stitching this on 28 count over one and I'm about half way done the steam.

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  1. I love those Allesandra Adelaide pieces. But, yeah, you're about halfway done the steam. (I have a feeling that they're a little tedious to stitch and too complicated for this bear of very little brain.)