Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fatty Liver fun...

So. The last three weeks have been spent spending a small fortune on the cat. Remember the kitty who was looking so good, smaller floppy belly -etc.....

He decided that it really wasn't worth living if he had to share the house with the D.O.G, so he stopped eating and drinking entirely. Overweight cats are prone to fatty liver disease if they stop eating for a period of time and that is indeed what has happened. This is not the easiest cat to either pill or force feed (I gave it a go for about 3 days, and he really and truly despised me) so, we had a feeding tube inserted in his neck. For the next 8-12 weeks I'll be syringing his food into him and he better damn well survive. My car drove itself to the vet this morning for a check up on an infection in the tube site. My bill reflected a "premier customer discount" which means that because I'm paying his children's university tuition, they'll cut me some slack. :-)

I am very attached to this kitty, so - fingers crossed.

Who, me????
Progress on Shushi:

Progress on Cirque des Cirques:

A new start - notice anything wrong? It should be a circle instead of a diamond...... So, now it's a do-over.

Keslyn's "Bliss Content" finished - but this is a terrible beauty shot. I stitched it entirely with Crescent Colours Bandana, and it is really lovely.

LHN's Coffee House - finished:

So - enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I'm off to feed the cat.



  1. Ew. Sorry you have to feed the cat through a tube. Silly creatures sometimes, aren't they? Your stitching looks wonderful!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry your poor kitty is suffering -- and you're suffering too. I will send good thoughts for both of you. I know how attached one can get to one's animal -- I've grown so attached to our kitten in just 7 weeks. I love all your stitching projects! They're all wonderful! btw, if you have any good advice for an aspiring musician (ie my son), feel free. lol! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I've found yours!

  3. Wow - hope the cat does survive - and you, too, for that matter! Lovely stitching!