Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Happy Holidays everyone. Downer post ahead.

I am just glad things are winding down. Overexcited children, too much food, and my house looks like it threw up all over itself. My parents are here for the next few days. I am not enjoying this at all. I have been so disappointed so many times with their behaviour towards my children and why would I ever expect anything to change. My son is almost 2 and wouldn't be able to pick my mother out of a line up. I wish I could say to them, "They don't need more god damned presents from you - they need you to spend some time with them. They're growing up and you've missed it all." There is so much history - so many things wrong with everything between us. A year of therapy wasn't enough.

Please, if I could ask for and have anything this Christmas? It would be that I never, ever become my mother and make my children feel about me the way I feel about her. 12 more hours to go.

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  1. My sympathies. Family dynamics can be so tricky. It is an awful thing, but some people equate 'stuff' with love. To me the best Grandma is the one who reads and plays with their grandkids.